Turning plastic Bottles In To Ribbons

Turning Plastic Bottles In To Ribbons

Have you ever wondered how Plastic bottles are turned in to ribbon!

Take a look at the clip below it's fascinating.


As you might well be aware we are trying to sell more and more environmentally friendly ribbon ranges especially those made from 100% recycled polyester fibre. What you might not be aware of is that these recycled yarns started off as clear 2ltr drinks bottles!

A number of our customers have asked how this process works, and can't quite believe that this is possible. We have therefore looked around to try and find an illustration of the process.

The short video from "How's It Made' gives an insight into the general process of reclaiming the plastic bottles into yarn.


This then goes on to show how the yarn is then turned into fabric, which is obviously slightly different from turning it in to ribbon however the overall process has very similar principles.


Our ribbons weavers source there recycled yarn from the UK and Europe rather than from the Far East as shown in the video.  

The yarn once on cones is then woven on smaller looms than the ones shown, this takes place in Congleton in the UK where Berisfords weave there recycled fibre into narrow ribbon.

We will show this part of the process later in a separate video. Currently the whole of the Double Satin & Grosgrain ranges are available in ribbon made from 100% recycled polyester!

We hope that you find this interesting.