Ribbon Ideas

Check out some of our ribbon ideas! We've got some great tips for all your ribbon projects, both in terms of the ribbon you need, and what you can create!

  1. How Easy Are The Ribbon Wreaths To Make ?

    How Easy Are The Ribbon Wreaths To Make ?

    We are asked just how easy are the ribbon wreaths to make? Well here's a short video so you can judge for yourselves...

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  2. Make Your Own Ribbon Heart Wreath

    Make Your Own Ribbon Heart Wreath
    This heart shaped ribbon wreath is so easy to make and yet quite stunning once completed. Here are some instructions if you would like to make your own Ribbon Wreath...

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  3. Make Your Own Ribbon Shade

    Make Your Own Ribbon Shade

    Instructions to make your own decorative ribbon shade, ideal as a garden party decoration or to enhance a wedding marque. Simple to make yet very effective.

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  4. Summer Ribbon Garland Project

    summer ribbon garland

    A Wonder Summer Themed Ribbon Garland Ideal For A Garden Party Or Summer Wedding And So Very Easy To Make!

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  5. Enhance A Holly Wreath


    A simple Idea, yet very effective, simply enhance a holly wreath with a small amount of premium seasonal ribbon. It's inexpensive and only takes a few minutes yet the over all effect is great.

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  6. Christmas Ribbon Fir Cones

    Ribbon Fir Cone

    A Great Christmas Ribbon Project

    This Ribbon Fir Cone makes a great Christmas Decoration, its visually attractive and relatively easy to make. The over all appearance can be changed dramatically by altering the type and style of ribbon used from a lame to a scalloped edged cotton a grosgrain or a tartan. There's something for everyone!

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  7. Sheer Ribbon With Oak Leaf An Alternative Wedding Ribbon

    Looking for a Different Wedding Ribbon That Makes An Impact ?

    We are always being asked if we have anything a little different that will create an impact!

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  8. Christmas Ribbons Information - December

    With December here and Christmas approaching ever faster we thought that we would post some questions and answers that we are being asked a lot at the moment in the hope that this page might give you the information and insight that you are looking for quickly.

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  9. Solving Christmas Ribbon & Wrapping Issues

    The range of Christmas ribbons available can be quite over welling especially at this time of year !

    So we have come up with a couple of ideas to help give our customers some help and direction when looking to buy ribbons for packaging and how to use up those annoying Christmas Ribbon remnants. 

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