Wide Printed Ribbons

Custom Printed Ribbons Is For Everyone...

Custom printed ribbon is a great way to get your message seen, promote your brand, or enhance a product. More small firms are turning to this product to help enhance there packaging and product appeal, we are also seeing a rise in the use of this product 

for celebrations and events especially with the growth of custom printed ribbon bag ties and wrist bands for parties, celebrations and trips.

(below are examples of printed wrist bands & bag ties that we have recently made)


Printed Wrist Bands
Handbag ties with clasps


As technology improves and develops at a fast rate the production costs of printing small run ribbon orders has reduced. Whilst many other product costs have increased in the last twelve months we have been able to pass of the cost reduction in our printed ribbon prices

and will continue to do so to our customers.


In the past printed custom ribbon has been out of the reach of many people as the volumes required to place an order have been high and the associated cost even higher. Meaning that many small firms and artisan makers have not been able to justify the expenditure.


At Simply Ribbons, we specialised over the last thirteen years  in offering the best value for money products that we can and custom printed ribbons is no exception to this.. A lot of people are still under the impression that this is just a product for big brands and that

it still has to be purchased hundreds if not thousands of metres at a time!  

However this is no longer the case.

\When we talk our customers through the process they are shocked at the affordability of it and just how straight forward it is to order. On average it only takes three minutes to complete the online order process on our store.

No Order To Small

Unlike a number of printers we specialise in offering short ribbon print runs starting at just 10m of custom printed ribbon!

As a result we not only print ribbons for leading brands and Household names but also for sole traders and private individuals  wishing to celebrate a birthday, wedding or special occasion.

In addition we strive to turn around our printed ribbon orders in 48hrs, however if you have a very urgent need then we can offer a next day service.

( Below are just some of our recent prints)

Red 25mm printed Ribbon With White Print
Gold 25mm Printed Ribbon With Black Print

So Just How Cheap Is Printed Ribbon?

A lot of our customers are surprised at just how reasonable the cost of custom printed ribbon is. Many of them envisaging this to be unaffordable for them, however the truth is that this cost just £11.50 inc VAT for 20m of 10mm custom printed ribbon!

Whats more the larger the volume ordered the cheaper it becomes per metre as a lot of the initial cost is in the artwork set up which we do.

Here are a couple of examples of recent custom printed ribbons that we have run;

What Widths Do You Offer?

Currently we offer what we like to think is a wide range of ribbon with options, these start at just 10mm and include 15mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm & 100mm widths all of which are available in a full range of colours.

What Colours Can I Choose?

This is a question that we get asked a lot by prospective clients, for large print runs ( over 1000m) then there is no restriction on colour choice, or the number of colours that can be printed.

However for short quick print runs we use a standard colour pallet of stock satin ribbons which gives us 36 colours to choose from for the ribbon  and 31 ink print colours. In 98% of cases our customer can find the colours that they are looking for from among these.

What If I Need A Machine Washable Finish?

Not a problem, whilst our standard printed ribbons are not washable, we do offer a print which is machines washable, we even offer care label printing and name labels as well. Whilst the print colours are restricted on the small order machine washable printing they are still 

wide enough to cover most of our customers enquires. Of course if you need more than 700m of print then all our multi coloured sublimation printing is 100% machine washable as standard.

What other Print Systems Can You Offer For Larger Orders

Whilst we offer and specialise is quick turnaround small run orders, we do also print large runs for Larger custom needs and Household names. If you find that you are looking for a larger volume and need more than 700m we can offer the following specialist printing systems :

( below are a couple of images of recent Ribbon Prints For Household Names)


Sublimation Printing -

This is subject to a minimum order of 700m and has no set up charge! It overs a full colour, machine washable print on one or both sides of the ribbon in widths from 10mm to 70mm and can be applied to Satin, Grosgrain and Taffeta Base Ribbons. This 

is a great cost effective print system which give a vibrant finish to the ribbon, ideal if you have a lot of colours in the design.


Sublimation Printed Ribbon

Screen printing -

Slightly different as the minimum order quantity is 1000m and there is a one off set up fee of £60 to cover the artwork and screen make up plus running a production sample for the customer. This can be applied to Satin, Grosgrain and Taffeta Ribbon bases in 15mm to 70mm widths typically restricted to a one or two colour print

and is suited well to text and block designs. This style of printing is fully machine washable.

Screen Printed Ribbon

Rotary Letterflex -

This is subject to the same 1000m minimum order as the screen printing is and also carries the same set up charge for the polymer plates. This system of printing can be applied to 15mm to 70mm widths and Satin, Grosgrain and Taffeta Ribbon Bases. It's very versatile as up to six colours 

can be incorporated in the design. Like both the above print methods this is fully washable.

Letterflex printed ribbon

Environmentally Friendly...

This is an aspect of ribbon weaving and printing that the whole industry has become more aware of, and I am pleased to say has taken some strong and positive changes to address in recent years. To this end we only offer ribbon bases made from 100% recycled polyester yarn for all orders over 700m as these print system will print

on these bases with no issues at all. The ribbons are then supplied wound on plastic reels made from 100% post consumer plastic or recycled cardboard centres.

On the small scale orders ( under 700m) we are printing metallic colours on 100% recycled polyester ribbon bases. However other shades are currently not on recycled bases, and we are striving to switch these over later this year.

All our small order print runs are wound on to reels made from 100% post consumer plastic or reels that have been repurposed and given a second life. All our plastic reels can be put in plastic recycling bins as they can be recycled.


If you would like to find out more about ribbon printing or have any questions then please feel free to contact us at anytime and we will be more than happy to help in any way that we can. You can call us on 01691 780416 or email adrian@simplyribbons.com