Shindo Double Satin Ribbon Cloudy Green (Colour: 204) 3mm - 38mm widths

Shindo Double Satin Ribbon Colour Misty Green is available in varying widths, ranging between 3mm - 38mm wide. The smaller widths of 3mm and 6mm are sold as a 50m length of ribbon per reel. The 10mm width and above, are sold as a 25m length of ribbon, per reel. These can be selected by using the drop down menu, when placing an order.
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Shindo Double Satin Ribbon

Article 12100

Width 3mm to 38mm

Colour: 204

At Simply Ribbons we feel that this double satin ribbon by Shindo Ribbons is one of the best value double satin ribbons currently on the market place, in the mid range.

This range of Double Satin Ribbon is now available in a choice of 64 different shades, all of which are listed here. We feel that this is great value for money.



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